Wednesday, July 9, 2014

pffbt and phooey I say

(yes, still making use of my mugging photos from the 70's LOL!)

oh good grief. they say when it rains, it pours ... I think they forgot to include the hurricane force winds and the up to your chinny chin chin flood waters. sheesh.

I began physical therapy a couple weeks ago - have gone four times so far. It's been very distressing and depressing to find out how weak and out of shape I am. 

I cancelled my appointment for today though because, now - my right eye has gone wonky. I had a retinal tear and had to have laser repair done on it a few years/some years back ... middle age brain can't remember what year.

Two weeks ago I began having those dreaded confetti floaters again - my eye doctor was away on vacation and I had to see the doctor she referred for her time away (who was very nice). He said everything looked fine but to watch out for more floaters, light flashes, loss of sight - the usual drill.

So this Monday I had a few flashes of light and they were still with me Tuesday morning - thankfully my doctor had returned from her vacation in Istanbul (having had a fantastic time, except for a bout of food poisoning - saying that she and her family had heeded all but one of Rick Steves' recommendations for while sojourning in Turkey - hence the family wide stomach malaise) and I saw her yesterday afternoon.  She said my retina looked fine at that time but to watch for any changes.

She said my back trauma could be the cause of my current eye disturbance! Like I whip lashed my eyeball and did the hokey pokey with it and shook it all around. Wow! Who knew?!

So I'm over here enjoying (well, not so much) my own personal light show in my eyeball - crossing all appendages that nothing else happens with it in the next four weeks.

Miss you all! Hope you've been enjoying your summer, with no aches or pains or general body falling apart business!